" I have been working with Ms. Heidi Lukacsik for 3 years in a very drawn out divorce and custody case. Being a single father with a special needs child has many challenges as is but compounded with the stress of a life situation nobody anticipates such as divorce and a custody battle, Heidi was a blessing.

In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect but Heidi made the uneasiness of the process more manageable. She is a good communicator and able to keep you informed every step of the way. She works both diligently behind the scenes and on the front lines with you so you don’t feel left in the dark or alone in the process.

As my case unfolded I knew trusting Heidi was a great decision that was in my best interest and more importantly the best interest of my child. We were able to work together for the best outcome both desired and possible. I couldn’t be more pleased working with her.

I have recommended people to Heidi in the past and they too experienced the same satisfaction and gratitude toward her as I. I would recommend anyone to Heidi Lukacsik as she is a valuable asset to her law firm, community, and most importantly to your case. She is knowledgeable, with a discipline to be both patient and aggressive when needed. You can be assure and confident that if you choose Heidi you are in very good hands."

" When I got divorced, I knew it was going to be a drawn out process with many challenges. My divorce situation had many unique twists and turns due to the health issues of one party and our children involved. Heidi Lukacsik handled these challenges quickly, efficiently and went above and beyond my expectations.

During the process, Ms. Lukacsik took the time to make sure I understood what was happening, why it was happening, and discussed scenarios that could impact the overall outcome. Throughout the process, Ms. Lukacsik was able to map out a game plan to make sure that the best outcome was achieved regardless of what roadblocks were put in her way.

Divorce is a stressful time for anyone. Ms. Lukacsik kept me informed of everything throughout the process and it was clear that she was looking out for my best interests. Her professionalism and her excellent communication during this stressful time allowed me to be able to focus on what is really important, taking care of my children and making sure I can provide for them. "

" Heidi was heaven sent to me. She wasn’t my original lawyer I requested but thank God I ended up being her client! The first time we met she was engaged and found out as much as she could about my case that I’ve been fighting for 11 years. I saw the passion she had for what she does and the warm heart she has for children. Not only was she honest, professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable, she would constantly follow up with me to let me know what stage my case was in. At the end, I was finally granted sole custody of my son because of Heidi’s hard work and dedication! I highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Heidi for your kind heart and the great services you provided me and my family! "

Pearl Aguirre

" I would recommend Heidi Lukacsik to anyone in need of a family law attorney because of her focus on and dedication to family law. During my year long divorce, she was professional, very patient with, and considerate of what I was going through. She was very respectful of my concerns and my end goals and at the same time thoroughly explained the possible consequences and other options. At times what I considered an emergency and panicked, I worried because I did not get immediate attention in my mind when in reality she was working very hard behind the scenes to immediately address those issues. She was strong and focused when I was at a point that I could not be. Heidi taught me more about patience in one year than I have in my entire life. If it wasn’t for Heidi, my son and I would have a very different and difficult situation. Heidi went above and beyond for me and I could not have gotten through it on my own without her. I was lucky to have chosen her. "

When going through my divorce, it was completed through a mediator. However, it is always recommended that you have it reviewed by an attorney to make sure your individual interest are being protected. I had no idea where to turn or how to get this done. Heidi was recommended to me by a friend. From the second I spoke with her I knew I had made the right choice. She was kind, yet clear and to the point. She made sure she understood exactly what I wanted out of the divorce and helped me craft my revisions. In addition, she assisted me on how to respond to revisions made by my ex. I was very impressed with how she cared about me and my kids even though she did not fully represent me for my divorce. Even after the divorce was complete, she continued to assist me with questions I have or interpretations of the PSA or PP. She is a true professional who understands the law and will help you get the best outcome. Heidi is the real thing! If you do not hire her to help you , in my opinion you have done yourself a disservice. Thank you Heidi!! - D.C.

" Ms Lukacsik represented me for over a year in a custody case where I was fighting for custody of my 7 and 8 year old nephews against their father. It was a very unusual case and there were very few precedents to help us. I have had experience with only one other lawyer in my life so I don’t know what’s common and what’s not, but one thing that I really appreciated with Ms Lukacsik was that she is very responsive. While I know that my case could not possibly be the most important thing in Ms Lukacsik’s life as it was mine, I could never tell that in my dealings with her. She responded to concerns and questions immediately and always made herself available in emergencies. I never experienced the frustration of not being able to get a timely response from my attorney. Also, this was a very emotional issue for me, and Ms Lukacsik was always kind and sympathetic. She calmed me down and made me feel better – things that were undoubtedly above and beyond the call of duty. In addition, she was always professional; even when dealing with unsavory characters who resorted to potential threats to her. I appreciated that Ms Lukacsik never stooped to their level but dealt with them in a tough, no nonsense manner. While we did not always see eye to eye on how to proceed, Ms Lukacsik always took the time to walk through options and the pros and cons of each alternative so that we could come to the best decision possible. Another positive aspect to Ms Lukacsik is that she never sugar-coated things for me; I always knew that, while Ms Lukacsik would do everything in her power to win for me, I was the underdog in my case, and that helped set my expectations. It may be nice to have a yes-person telling you what you want to hear in other circumstances, but that’s not what you need in a custody case. Ultimately, I did lose my case, but Ms Lukacsik cried with me and then moved on right away to look into an appeal and other things I needed to do – she helped me keep my mind on what needed to be done instead of wallowing. I am the type of person who cannot deal with someone with no emotion who sees me as only a dollar sign, so I really appreciated Ms Lukacsik’s empathy while still remaining professional and doing what needed to be done in my case. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone I know needing a family law attorney. "

" To Whom It May Concern:

I was recommended to Heidi through a friend. I have utilized attorneys throughout the years to assist me with my parenting/custody case. Needless to say I was frustrated and disappointed in my experiences with my former attorneys.

When I first came to Heidi I was in a time crunch. She expediently helped me through the stressful event. Heidi is not your average attorney; she is a wholehearted attorney. Heidi has always completely and sincerely devoted her time as my attorney. She has found the best strategies and methods for each step of my journey. In my experience she has always been present in every conversation, and enthusiastically taken my calls. Heidi has always had an unconditional passionate devotion to my case. Heidi has always given me her undivided attention and amazing wisdom when I share my thoughts and feelings about my case. She always attempts to place herself in my shoes and because of that I feel grounded after our conversations. I always experience that I have a voice and that my concerns heard when working with Heidi. She truly cares about her cases.

My experience with her throughout this process has been amazingly exceptional. She always sees and understands my heart when we speak and interact. For that I walk in an abundance of gratitude to her on a professional and personal level. I would recommend Heidi Lukacsik to anyone seeking legal council. "

In Gratitude,
Lee Stewart